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The legal team you choose is crucial to the success of your case. We encourage you to ask questions and partner with the firm you feel most comfortable working with. You need two things on your side to win a case; experience and passion. At Barnett, Barnett & Wilson, we combine over 50 years of solid experience with a passion for fighting for your rights. We’ve built a culture around pursuing justice, fair settlements and helping clients put their lives back together. When you Barnett, Barnett & Wilson on your side, you can feel secure you are receiving the best representation available.

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The Legal Team at Jason G. Barnett is founded on a culture of success and fighting for your rights. So it’s no surprise we’ve amassed a history of legal victories from our clients. From an underpaid disability claim to a complex product liability case, we’ve tackled them all and carried the ball across the goal line. When a case is hard, we’re at our best. We don’t shy away from a challenge like a car accident or longshore comp. We say “bring it on”. When you need help, we’re here for you.

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$1.1M Workers’ Comp
$1.6M Workers’ Comp
$967K Workers’ Comp
$1.24M Longshore
$1M Car Accident
$1.37M Workers’ Comp
$908K Workers’ Comp